Hi, I'm Taylor.

You have found yourself on my digital thought space - welcome! Make yourself at home. I don't know if you've been here before or if you stumbled in by accident, so I better introduce myself:

Today I'm wearing sweatpants and just ate too many pancakes. Tomorrow I might wear red lipstick and drink overpriced coffee. I buy myself flowers and smell like lavender essential oil. I laugh at inappropriate times, will probably show you what I made for dinner last night and I am wishing I would have taken that workout class. Dance was my first language and Jesus is my greatest love. No, I don't know what I want my life to look like in the next 5 years, and yes I am just starting to admit that without hyperventilating. Writing is like a new friend who quickly became a kindred spirit and I'm not sure where she quite fits in yet. I am seriously so glad to meet you. 

Chasing Eunoia (i.e. to pursue a beautiful mind -- it's greek) is a collection of condensed experiences and lessons I am learning in my own life. They might be short, maybe long, but (hopefully) worth sharing. This is a published adventure of someone still figuring out what her voice sounds like, so who knows where topics may lead.

Let's talk about stuff that matters, live in the freedom that's ours and stop pretending we have it all together. Thanks for tagging along, I can't wait to grow together.

|| Taylor