I drove a stranger to Ohio last night. 




News Flash to thyself: it is impossible to please God and love others well with your own brut strength.

I've been trying and it's been nothing short of exhausting.

(Literally) by the grace of God I've gained a new understanding about what it means to walk with Him and I've learned it's about overflow. It's about being so filled up on Truth, Light and Love that comes directly from His word + presence that there is no other option but to share His goodness with others. 

We need God in our hearts in order to please God with our actions.

Yesterday I was overflowin'. My heart was so full of Him. And the moment I took notice to it was the moment I drove past the hazard lights blinking through heavy traffic.

Of all locations on the planet for the poor girl's car to break down, it was in front of a church. And not only a church, but my church.

Through lots of waiting for battery charges, and attempted car jumps, I got to hear her story alone in the lobby of my church. And boy, did she have one.

I got to ask her about her journey with God and point her toward the hope found in Him alone.

I got to pray with her and ask God to warm her heart to Him again, and to continue to write her story of redemption. 

Y'all this was not my plan for my Friday night. But after recent curiosity + doubt about God's persistence in pursuit of His children, He assured me that He's doing everything He can to reach us. Even if it includes a late Friday night spent at Autozone and I-75 S to Toledo.

I was forced to be 100% depend on God. (Even my family's phones randomly stopped functioning during this time!) It was an unexpected answer to a prayer from that morning.

When we go to Him we overflow with His goodness and are equipped for the unpredictable opportunities that lie ahead. I wonder what opportunities to love people extravagantly I have missed because my eyes were all other places but Him?

I always say that walking with God means going on an adventure, but I think we need to get out of our heads that it's the perfectly-curated, Instagram-worthy adventure.

The adventure with + through God is worth so much more than a lifeless image on a screen because it contains invisible freedom and fulfillment.