12:00am - November 9th, 2016

As I picked up my phone to ask a mentor in my life about the posture of my heart in such an anxious time, I already had a text waiting for me...

"We of so little faith.... our God is sooo large and unstoppable! Who are we to make Him so small? We are of so little faith! Time to stand up!!"

BAM. God speaks to us even when we don't formally ask Him to. He loves us that much.

It's so tempting to choose to fear. Especially in the classic case of 'everyone else is doing it.'

But I will stand my ground. I will not be shaken because I am choosing to stand firm in the promises of God.


Tonight He whispered:

1) Sometimes it takes a breakdown for a breakthrough

I look within my own life, the lives of those around me and the lives of those in Scripture and see how prevalent this truth is. In hardship, we should grip to the anticipation of God's movement. Wow, this gives unexplainable peace to my weary heart.  

2) Your prayers are not just a part of the popular vote

The popular vote means nothing in terms of the power of the electoral votes, right? When we stare into the staggering numbers on the TV screens , we can often feel unaccounted for. It's like my personal vote didn't play much of a role in anything because I'm just a number. How often do we feel similar in our view of God? 

The good news is that God can run a country AND speak to each of our hearts simultaneously. God does not dismiss us into a crowd and He sure does not want us to worry about what tomorrow holds. 

Even when the fight seems lost, I'll P R A I S E You.