When I think about a mission my mind drifts to two things: secret agent spies and third world countries. I can't be the only one who associates these, right?

Last school year was a bit of a mess in my heart. I think I did a good job covering it up (too good, probably) but through the stretched horizons of my heart this summer (summer is so good for that) I understand why, and I know what to do in order to not fall into the same traps.

I was not there. Physically present, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually I was gazing over to the neighbors seemingly more saturated lawn. My ambition was intact, but it was engaged in hypothetical, future-set events. I was completely blind to what the Lord was actually calling me to. Sound familiar?

But our heavenly father is so sweet and patient. And like he always does, he opened my blind eyes to see the land, the mission, he has set before me. 

Where we are pinned-dropped is where we are supposed to be. I was not born in Texas for a reason. I was not raised in a tribe somewhere in West Africa on purpose, because for whatever reason God's plan, His redeeming, love initiating, action packed and beautiful drama has my character set in suburbia Michigan in this moment in time. And this truth applies to every single, hand-crafted human that inhabits this earth. 

For the first time, I see the real adventure he has set for me as I enter into this next season of life within reality. He's calling you and me to look beyond our own schedules and future endeavors to lay our eyes on him in order to focus on what he is up TODAY and with whom. 

The mission God has set for you is not necessarily 5000 miles aways, not necessarily in a certain income bracket or region. If you're supposed to go, he'll tell you, guaranteed. But for now, we're here. So we better make the deepest, generational affecting impact on the land God has gifted us. Look up and look out today.

That's where the adventure is.