Define The Season

I've done my best to make mountains my home. You see, mountains are photo-worthy. Mountains are where celebration happens, instagrammable moments take place and joy overflows like champagne. If I look back in the distance of my 21-year old life I see a lot of high peaks. I’ll candidly and gratefully admit to have done some pretty cool things so far. 

Though I’ll tell you I am currently trekking my way down from one of my favorite mountains now, and all I want to do is hop to another one. I want to bypass the mundane, skip over the normal and just be a part of something awesome and world-changing. But girl - we both know that is not how how this life works, especially if Jesus is your tour guide. 

Instead of a new mountain I am finding my way in the pasture. The place in Scripture we see David pre-kingship and post-anointing (1 Samuel 16). You know, the place along the still waters (Psalm 23:2). 

Here’s the thing about seasons - they’re real (Ecclesiastes 3). In the middle of a season we tend to forget we’re in one. This, today, the people you’re around, the things you’re apart of, it won't all be the same in years to come. Whether the fact strikes you with hope or fills you with fear, we must intentionally cling to the promise that this is all ever-changing in order to fully show up to the season of our lives we are in. 

The pasture - where I’m calling home for now. For a place meant to be restful, I am sure finding myself restless (and I think that’s the point!) To me, the pasture is off the radar. It is where richer character will be cultivated through building habits of servanthood and self-denial. It’s filled with deep fellowship with my Shepherd and fellow sheep. It’s a place I would never lead myself. 

I’m not telling you to go to the pasture. That’s my season! (But hey we can totally hang out if you are led there, too!

I am challenging you to blatatenly ask God what He calls this season of your life. 

We don’t serve a random, distant God - He’s strategic, creative and the proud Author of your story - He knows exactly where you’re at. 

Sit with Him to NAME & CLAIM this month, year, decade so you can fully show up in every struggle and celebration found within it. Ask Him what He’s trying to teach you here, then with a listening ear trust you are learning exactly what you should be - no need to strive. 

Find me rolling out one of those cute checkered blankets with my packed sandwich as I learn to stay awhile. We are all meant to be faithful with what we were given, where we were planted.

How are you being asked to spend your time this season?