A Note On Comparison

We all do it.

When we note we are doing ‘better’ than someone or a collective of someones we give ourselves a nod of acceptance and a pat on the back. Alright, I’m doing good. And when we slouch in inferiority due to the perception we are behind or less than another, we throw up our hands in grief. 

We compare. Everyone one of us. And I’m learning it runs deeper and causes more harm than I have believed. Honestly, the concept had become numb to me. I’ve heard “comparison is the thief of joy” more times than I can count and had been the first to slap on the advice to not compare. 

Ultimately, I am learning comparison is limitation. Whether we are finding our peace in doing better than someone or slowly shrinking because who we are doesn’t seem to level up, we are actually relinquishing responsibility off our lives and the person we could become. Essentially, comparison is a cop-out. It’s an ugly means to the end in which we all desire to be seen and appreciated. 

The act of comparison will never go away. In of itself is not a bad thing, it’s a function of humanity! But, when comparison surpasses learning and inspiration it has been abused. I am convinced comparison out-of-bounds can squash our fire of potential like nothing else. 

The truth is each of us has an invitation to take ownership of our lives and be faithful to creating the best out of the resources we’ve been given. The truth is you have too much good work to walk in to be side-eyeing. We will wildly paint the streets in love when we are more focused on showing up to our own path than seeking our acceptance in comparison to one another. 

Taylor KanigowskiComment