Speak In Daylight

Speak up. Don't be silent. 

God often speaks to me in themes & phrases - and this has been one of them recently. I feel like it has appeared in  e v e r y t h i n g  I've read. There have been moments with some of my beloved people that I felt like I could have stepped up to speak some bolder Truth into. So maybe that's what God was referencing...?

My relationship with this little blog is weird. Flat out weird - no other way to put it. About two years ago now (woah) I felt a clear call to start writing - which to me was strange in the first place because I never considered myself to be a decently talented writer to begin with. But I began putting pen to paper and curating a blog. I realize now that then God wanted me to write for the sake of knowing Him better even more than to share it.   

Many templates, resurrection announcements and deleted posts later here I am. Just as I don't have to come to Jesus all put together with a mask, I don't have to do in this space either. It was only when Truth smacked me upside the head I've taken notice to the lies that have stopped me from writing in this space. 


Some (not so) pretty liars:

-people don't want to know about you

-this is a selfish endeavor

-this will distract you from your own walk with God

-there are enough Christian blogs out there already

-you're not going to help anybody

-no one is going to actually care

-you're just trying to be "somebody"


Maybe these lies crept in because I didn't know my why or maybe some of these ugly motivations really did hold a presence in my heart. But when I faced the Truth behind the recent calls to speak up and not be silent I knew it was time to take a step.


What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs

Matthew 10:27


This Truth has changed my perspective on this entire written space. He has set me free! He has whispered in my ear! And what is truly selfish is to hold it in for myself. To keep in the greatest news there ever was and will be. This is not an excuse away from for the real-life, often awkward and tough conversations with real faces. Heck no. This is just an additional space, another rooftop for God to set captives free through one of His children. I am but a vessel.

So here is  y o u r  sign to speak (or write, dance, calculate, create) if you are alive & made new in Christ. We can't stay silent. We must share our stories with pure hearts & fixed eyes.