To Rebuild

This summer season has been one of rebuilding & restoring - the act God does best.

Underneath the pile of routine & to-dos & some disillusions of the truth of my Abba I lost my 'spark' with the closing of the semester. It came out of nowhere really - I had been going through the motions of what a heart-led life should look like, but my heart wasn't actually leading.

My focus was spread thin on the colors of my calendar, rather than the Shephard of my soul so it was as if I simply forgot some things, leaving me feeling stuck and aimlessly wondering where my purpose went.  

I forgot that He made me to walk in wild child freedom & deep compassion for others as I began to taste the predictable lifestyle I had used to be afraid of. I stopped longing to fight for justice because I started to override injustice with "it is what it is" statements. My eyes weren't fixed so I was just floundering. 

But in His grace, my eyes are being rubbed open again. And this time with more wisdom to guide them. It has been in solitude on my knees (which to me means my journal wide open) that my Abba has patiently reminded me who He is and who I am in Him. It has been in the redefining of 'discipline' from a consequence to the medium in which so much goodness derives from that growth occurred.  

He is rebuilding my awe for each day as I see Kingdom work to be done. I am learning that the work He has for us comes from unforced rhythms of grace (Matt. 11:28-30 MSG ) rather than strife. I am remembering to priortitze extravagant acts of small love & to take steps onto the waters of the unknown. To set Jesus as my prize & enjoy the adventure He has made. 

I am made new. I am alive. In His power alone I am ready to walk wherever He calls - and to participate in dance parties of freedom along the way. I know who I am and I want to live in her for all the glory ahead.  

He rebuilds. He restores. He is so worthy. Let us be people who sit at His feet as He has His way in our hearts forever.